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Our BIG Ideas

Welcome to the Big Idea Committee! Created by Christine Petrini and Melissa Brun, Big Idea Committee is about imagination and collaboration: “Many minds are better than one!”  “BIG Thinkers” join us in playing, creating, and making BIG plans for fun all year!   Big Idea Committee blends musical theatre vocals and live cello instrumentals to create an interactive and theatrical experience for kids (ages 3-8).  President Christine and VP Melissa, along with everyone’s favorite musical friend, Karl the Cello, facilitate the committee by engaging BIG Thinkers in the power (and fun!) of their ideas.  This spring, audiences everywhere are invited to listen to the season sing and explore big ideas through imaginative play.  What’s your BIG idea?  Join the musical journey with fun, games, grand adventures, acts of kindness and, of course, song and dance.  All in favor? Say, “AYE!”  Think BIG and let your ideas soar!

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