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Created & Performed by

Christine Petrini & Melissa Brun

featuring Karl, the Cello

Listen to the

Big Idea Committee

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"Spring!" Single - OUT NOW!


Big Idea Committee - Out NOW!

Hey, BIG Thinkers! 

Big Ideas will soar on June 17th!  

The Big Idea Committee is officially in session with their debut self-titled album!  That's right, we're releasing an album for young listeners and their families!

 Listen to inspire your creativity, imagination, and most importantly your BIGGEST dreams! Your imagination can take you anywhere! Think BIG, let your ideas soar!

Creative collaborators Christine Petrini (songwriter/vocals) and Melissa Brun (songwriter/cello/vocals), along with the charming and dapper Karl the Cello, invite you to join the committee and see what’s on the agenda!  The album includes the award winning “Spring!” (John Lennon Songwriting Contest) heard on WXPN’s Kids Corner along with 10 additional tracks!  Big Idea Committee is all about collaboration and Rodney Whittenberg (Producer/Recording Engineer), Peter Humphreys (Mastering Engineer), along with featured artists Lucy Kalantari (Grammy Award winner), Jordan McCree, Vince di Mura, Paula Breslin-Perry, Liz Filios, Monet Sudler, Tim Wolfe, Marybeth Kern, Kanako Omae Neale and 21 young performers all contributed their big ideas to this album!


Get ready to move, move, move as the Big Idea Committee visits the Eiffel Tower, roasts marshmallows, roars like monsters and much more.  The album follows the sequence of a meeting where big thinkers gather to make plans for fun all year!   After a big welcome and setting the agenda, the committee gets down with the kindness groove.  When it’s time to say goodbye, use your imagination and explore what you can do together tomorrow! The album even includes a bonus remix of “Dancing All the Way”!  All in favor say, “Aye!”. 


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