Big Idea Committee released our first single, "Big Idea Committee" on Feb 18, 2022.  It is available everywhere you stream music!  Our second release, "Spring!" was available in time for the first day of the new season on March 18th!  Stay tuned for the full album release date coming soon!

Big Idea Committee's Single, "Spring!" wins the weekly John Lennon Songwriting Contest!

Big Idea Committee was awarded a weekly prize on April 25, 2022 and remains in the running for the grand prize!

SPRING! on Kids Corner!

Kathy O'Connell plays "Spring!" in this Friday episode of the Kindie Music Party on Kids Corner on WXPN (March 24, 2022)

Big Idea Committee Single Reviewed on!

Parents learning to preach the power of positive energy may choose to sign their families up for Big Idea Committee (BIC)

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