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Big Idea Committee's Single, "Spring!" wins the weekly John Lennon Songwriting Contest!

Album Review: The Big Idea Committee’s Catchy Tunes (

Big Idea Committee Single Reviewed on!

New Jersey Stage:  Big Idea Committee To Release First Album and Perform in NJ/PA

Big Idea Committee’s Self-Titled children’s album is fun for everyone this summer!
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SPRING! on Kids Corner!

New Jersey Stage:  Big Idea Committee To Release First Album and Perform in NJ/PA

Broadway World: Big Idea Committee Celebrates Summer With Unique Music Making Experiences For Families Across Philadelphia


"You are going to want to take an adventure with Christine Petrini and Melissa Brun. Both women as well as their cello will bring an immersive singing experience for the whole family."


Neve RosaMarie: "My daughter kept changing her name to include herself in the song. The song really allows creative thinking. We paused it to think about the things that she would need to go swimming into places like the Gulf of Mexico. She even went and grabbed her snorkels to mimic. Music has a way of elevating your world."

— LaToi Storr,

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"Petrini (songwriter/vocals) and Brun (songwriter/cello/vocals) have created a wonderful collection of kid-friendly songs that parents won’t mind listening to either (thank you for that!). In fact, we can all learn some important messages from their music- “wear your kindness when you wake up” is a line from the jazzy “Kindness Rocks” and come on, we should all be doing that!"

"If you have a chance to see Big Idea Committee live, do it. Petrini and Brun, along with Karl the Cello, will have you dancing and starting conversations with your little


— Brenda Hillegas,

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