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Interactive Music:  Music Theatre Performance OR Concert Version

  • 40 minutes of immersive and interactive music theatre that includes thinking BIG, imaginative play, kindness, conflict resolution, movement and original songs!

  • Created for ages 3-7, audience members join the cast (President, VP and Karl the Cello), as members of the committee!

  • The agenda is all about making plans for fun all year --- exploring, playing, learning, and a few surprises!

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Scavenger Hunts

Together, BIG Thinkers solve each riddle that leads to a new clue!  Quickly search for the clues while Karl, the Cello plays his "hunt" music!  Solve all the clues to find a surprise at the end! Scavenger hunts work wonderfully as a virtual or in person event!  The hunt is on and sure to be a hit!


Theatre Tots

In this early learners theatre class, BIG thinkers join our committee on an adventure of creativity! Together, we explore the performing arts through theatre, music and movement! Our ideas as makers and storytellers come alive with the power of imagination!

Bingo Parties

We put a unique twist on the classic Bingo game -- it's a BIG idea!  Each bingo space has a unique icon.  Solve the riddles and mark off the icon that matches the answer!  While you solve the clue and search your bingo card, Karl, the Cello will provide the music! When you have BINGO --- jump for joy! Fun for BIG Thinkers of all ages! Bingo works wonderfully as both a virtual and in-person event!

Birthday Parties

Happy Birthday, BIG Thinker!

Your birthday party will include:
|Interactive music with BIG Idea Committee!

Theatre Game, Scavenger Hunt or Bingo Game (your choice)

Storybook game

A Personalized Freeze Dance Video!

Birthday Song & Goodbye Song


We will include take home crafts: Big Idea Committee name tag, Big Idea bucket label, Big Idea cards (for writing/drawing your ideas)

Virtual & in-person parties available.

Interactive Theatre
Our Creators

Meet the Creators!


Melissa Brun

Melissa Brun is a professional cellist and freelance teaching artist. She hosts her own private teaching studio and is a String Clinician for D'Addario Orchestral, in addition to directing various elementary drama and glee clubs in Chester County. 


Christine Petrini

Christine is a performer/writer/teaching artist/arts administrator. Christine’s experience as a solo performer launched a love of songwriting and storytelling. When she became a mother, her passion for music and arts education collided.

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