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Hello, BIG Thinker! We are thrilled to welcome you as an official member of our Big Idea Committee!  We are thrilled to have you because many minds are better than one and we all want to have some fun!


Your imagination can take you anywhere! Think BIG and let your ideas soar!

Once you download your official certificate, print it and add your name!  Then, personalize your BIG Ideas with our bucket list label! This is a downloadable sheet that can be pasted or taped to your big idea bucket, jar, bin, or box (anywhere that you save your big ideas)! Don't forget to personalize it by adding your name! Be sure to download our seasonal Big Idea cards worksheet as well. Draw or write your ideas for fun activities and put them into your BIG idea Bucket (bag, jar, etc). When you want something new to do, grab your bucket, reach inside and your ideas will come alive! Take a photo and tag @BigIdeaCommittee




Send us videos, pictures or text of your big ideas by email to and we'll add them to our Big Idea Bucket, too! 

As a member, you'll get exclusive access and information about committee events!

Welcome to the committee, BIG Thinker!  We're so glad you're here!  ~ President Christine, Vice President Melissa & Karl the Cello!



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